Providing Efficient and Time Saving Moving Services – At Charles Moving & Storage, proper planning and strong coordination are the foundation of a good warehouse move. We specialize in moving warehouses of all sizes by minimizing downtime and getting you up and running with the least amount of disruption possible. We understand represents lost revenue and time away from from more important aspects of your business.

Our professional moving specialists will ensure that your inventory gets to its new location quickly and safely, allowing you to stay productive and profitable. Our staff has expert handling of all materials and equipment such as electronics, raw materials, consumer goods of all sizes, and more. Whether your warehouse is moving across town or across the country, we know how precious your time is. We know how to perform warehouse moving services that minimize downtime and reduce errors with expert management providing cost-effective and and timely services at a fair price.

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  • Large Corporation and Small Business Moving: We ensure your moving needs are met when you move with us. From the packing and crating to the modular furniture installation and data center moving.
  • Moving & Logistical Projects: Our logistical project includes warehousing and distribution services for hotels, retailers, model homes and more businesses.
  • IT & Computer Moving: Whether you are a small business or Fortune 500 company, Charles Moving & Storage has the technical expertise, equipment, and willingness to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

All of our commercial clients can additionally benefit from other services such as:

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