Time To Hire A Commercial Moving Company?

Time To Hire A Commercial Moving Company?

In April 15, 2016

Congratulations on the success of your small business! Who would have thought a few years ago when you started with your staff of 5 that it would increase to a staff of 35 so quickly. Growth is a wonderful thing and it shows that your business has a foothold in the industry; you and your team are here to stay!

However, company growth often comes with the need for more physical space. But moving can be such a hassle, from finding a space to hiring a commercial moving company. How do you know if you should stick it out where you are or if you really need to find a bigger space to accommodate your team?

  • Overflow. If your equipment, office supplies, and other items are beginning to clog hallways and offices because their designated areas are too full, you need more space. A messy office is an unorganized office and it is important that your staff, and your clients, see your business as one that is clean and productive.
  • Desk Sharing. This is considered a retro way to work in some businesses, but it can be distracting and somewhat unprofessional. Your staff should have their own space where they can be comfortable and feel important; a place where they can help your customers efficiently.
  • Inventory. Whether you have an ecommerce shop or a brick-and-mortar location, if your inventory is not organized and easy to find, you could miss out on a sale. With enough room to house your merchandise properly, you’ll be on your way to a banner sales year.
  • Client Focus. With enough room to meet and greet your clients, you provide them with the comfort required to have faith in whatever services you provide. You don’t want them to step over boxes or walk through clutter, or have to talk loudly about personal matters to be heard over others who are performing tasks nearby. A private place for important discussion is a must in any situation.
  • Employee Focus. The same goes when it comes to your employees. You want everyone to have the quiet they need to get their job done. Many people talking on phones within easy earshot of one another sounds unprofessional to those on the other end of the call. Spreading them out gives them the confidence to do their job and give the client the undivided attention they deserve.

If staying in your small office is no longer an option, you’ll need a commercial moving company who can get your move done and get it done right. Moving takes a lot of planning and coordination. The last thing you need is to miss out on one particular precious commodity: time. We know that too much downtime can be an utter disaster for your small business, and that’s why we get you up and running with as little disruption as possible. Never settle for less.


  1. Thanks for this helpful post on hiring a commercial moving company. I like what you mentioned about how overflow and company growth is good, but it can cause a packed environment. I also like what you said about sharing desks, I have worked at a company that had a lot of shared desks, and I am not a huge fan. Thanks for providing all the reasons for a commercial move.

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