Packing An Overnight Bag

Packing An Overnight Bag

In July 1, 2016

When planning to move, sometimes your travels don’t always go as planned. Unexpected stops need to be made, or things change. One way to be prepared for anything is by packing an overnight bag. This bag should be kept out of the moving trucks and with you at all times. Plan to pack one for each member of your family that will be traveling with you so that you won’t be digging through the moving truck at midnight looking for supplies. Here’s a list of a few things to keep with you so that you’ll be prepared.

  • A change of clothes- You’ll want to keep a change of clothes with you. You never know when you might spill a cup of coffee on your lap while driving, or when the family pet may get sick and cause you to need a new shirt. If you bring two sets of clothes, you can always wash one in a sink along the way, and put them in the backseat of the car to dry while you are driving, leaving you a clean set of clothes to wear.
  • Toiletries- Put your toothbrush, toothpaste, some mouth wash, face wipes or a washcloth, deodorant and a hair brush in a small toiletries bag. You’ll want this to be very accessible for when you pull over at a restroom or at a hotel. You can also throw in some travel packets of laundry soap just in case a set of clothes needs to be washed.
  • Paper Plates and Plastic Utensils- Throw in some disposable flatware and plates. When you get to the new house, chances are you are going to be starving and want to eat something. But with all your dishes packed away, this could prove to be difficult. Have some disposables on hand to be ready to eat, and everyone will stay much happier.
  • A Couple Garbage Bags-Keep a couple of garbage bags or plastic bags handy. You never know when you might need one to throw away all those disposable plates you brought with you.
  • Toilet Paper- Just trust us on this one and put it in your bag right now.
  • Sheets and Blankets- Don’t pack away your sheets and blankets. The last thing you want to be doing at bedtime is digging around through all of your boxes for a place to sleep.
  • Favorite Toys or Books- If you have kids, be sure to keep any favorite toys or books handy for the long trip. You won’t want to witness a meltdown of epic proportions because you packed away a favorite toy out of reach. It will also help your kids have an easier time with the move if they know they have their best friend.
  • Pet Items-Be sure that any items that you pet might need are not packed in the truck. Food and water bowls should be kept handy, along with a supply of food. Be sure your furry friend has some comforts to travel with too.

Keep this bag with you in your car; don’t pack it in the moving truck. Having a few supplies at your fingertips will keep you ready for anything your move might throw your way. Keep everything smooth on your big day by calling Charles Moving and Storage. We have the experience to help you get to your new destination with ease. Let us handle all the work by giving us a call today and we’ll get you started with a free quote.

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