Organize A Moving Sale

Organize A Moving Sale

In June 17, 2016

If you are packing, you probably are realizing how much stuff you actually own. This is a great time to organize a moving sale! You never know who is looking for what you already have. Here’s some ways to organize your moving sale and earn some cash for stuff you don’t want to pack.


Get you moving sale in the local papers. Most of the time it is free to post a classified, but if not it is pretty inexpensive. Look up all the options like a good neighbor column, the tag sale listing section, and even the free papers that come delivered to your door. Don’t forget that most newspapers have an online section now too where you might be able to post. You can also post on Craigslist, or Facebook in a local Buy, Sell, Trade group. Take some photos of your items and post them with the listing to get people’s attention. Make flyers and signs to hang around the neighborhood. The more attention you can draw, the more people you’ll have coming to check out your sale.

Arrange Items

Put big items closest to the road. People driving by will be able to see these from the road and want to stop to check them out. Hang up clothing so it is easier to look through. If you have lots of kids’ clothing, organize it by size for easy viewing. Strollers and other baby items should be grouped together and also be in plain sight. They usually draw in moms with kids who might also want to look at toys, so be sure to strategically place them near the toys. If you do a little planning, you’ll be able to catch people’s eye.

Let Your Kids Help

If you have kids, let them have their own table. They can pick out the toys that they don’t want to pack and sell them at their own table. You can strike a deal with them that anything they sell, they can use the money to buy something new when you get to the new house. Maybe a new poster for the wall, or a set of fancy wall stickers will get them interested in selling their old stuff. Make it something that will help their new room feel like home.

Donate The Rest

Whatever is leftover, donate to a local shelter or Salvation Army. Don’t start packing stuff into boxes. The point of a moving sale is to get rid of stuff you don’t want, not to bring it with you. Arrange a pick up time with your local donation center where they come right to your house and take away all the leftovers. This will save you time and energy moving it all around, and everyone will be happy.

Once you’ve weeded out what you don’t want to take, give us a call at Charles Moving & Storage. We’ll be happy to pack up the important things so you can focus on getting to your new location. Our trusted team of movers is standing by, ready to handle your packing and moving needs. Call us today for a free quote to get started.

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