Do You Need Long Term Storage?

Do You Need Long Term Storage?

In May 27, 2016

You finally found the job of your dreams! You’ve worked hard to get to the point where you’re doing what you always wanted to do for a salary you always wanted to have.  And the benefits are pretty exciting, too!  The tough part about it is, the job is over a thousand miles away in a new city in a completely different state. Not only do you worry about being a fish out of water, you worry about how you’re going to move all of your stuff.  Moving isn’t easy; in fact, sometimes it’s downright difficult.

Small Spaces

Many people who relocate for a job move to the area and stay in a hotel, rent a small apartment, or even live with friends until they have some time to find more permanent housing.  Starting a new job isn’t easy, so it could be awhile before you can get out and shop for a bigger place.  So what do you do with all of the stuff that you want to keep, but can’t take with you right now? Long term storage might be the answer.

Leave It To Us

Take what you need now; your clothes, some accessories, and the things that you can’t live without (hello, coffeemaker!). Whatever you can fit into your temporary dwelling.  The rest can be kept in long term storage with us.  We provide a secure, climate controlled location for your belongings. You can start that new job and explore your new world knowing that your prized possessions are being cared for in a facility that has 24-hour surveillance, inside and out.  We’ll pick up the items to be stored before you move; whenever you’re ready to part with them.  Store them for the short term, or store them for the long term.  We’ll keep them safe and then deliver them to your new place whenever you’re ready. Yes, even a thousand miles away.

No Worries

So concentrate on the things that are most important in the moment; making a name for yourself at your new job, and finding a permanent place to call your own. Don’t let storage be the cause of your worries.

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