Moving With Kids

Moving With Kids

In June 10, 2016

Moving can be rough on kids. There are a lot of unknowns for them like what their new room is going to look like, what their new school is going to be like, and how life is going to carry on. As adults, we often get caught up in the business side of moving because there is a lot of uncertainty for us too. We’ve got a few tips to help you ease the transition for everyone so your move can go as smoothly as possible.


Make a countdown with your kids. It can be on a calendar or on something you make up on your own, but just give them a way to see how close moving day is getting. Give them enough time to prepare, but not too much time to sit around worrying about what is coming. Physically crossing off the squares will make them see that the time is coming, and you can help them get excited for the big day.

Let Them Pack

Get your kids their own boxes to pack up their favorite toys. They won’t be able to pack up everything, but if they have a few boxes that they can put their favorite toys in and pack them up by themselves, they will also be able to unpack it when they get to the new house without the worry that anything got left behind. They will feel more secure loading their stuff onto the truck if they know that all of their favorites are coming with you.

Keep Favorites Out Of Boxes

Be sure to keep favorite toys, blankets, or any other small items close at hand. Ask your kid(s) to pick out one or two of their favorites and have them pack them in a backpack that they can keep during the move. You can put a snack, change of clothes, a couple of activities and the favorite toy in the backpack to keep with them at all times. You never know when you might need something for them to do. It will also give them something to immediately put in their new space when you reach the new house, making it instantly feel more like home.

Have A Family Meeting

A few days before moving, have a family meeting. Let everyone ask questions and give the best answers that you can. If you don’t know the answer, just be honest. Tell your kids that you are learning too and that you will all find out the answers together. Make a plan for ordering pizza or another favorite food the first night in the new house to make dinner a family affair. Even if you are busy moving stuff around, it is important to take the time to sit together and appreciate your new space. The kids will love a makeshift picnic dinner on paper plates while sitting on the moving boxes in your new kitchen area.

These tips can help your whole family get ready for moving day, but let us help you with the heavy work. Call Charles Moving & Storage, Inc. to request a quote for your moving project. We can help you move down the street or across the country. You focus on getting your family ready for the big day and we’ll help to get you there.

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