Long Distance Moving Costs Can Be Tough For Seniors

Long Distance Moving Costs Can Be Tough For Seniors

In April 29, 2016

You’ve spent many good years in your home. You raised a family, hosted tea parties, dance parties, and spent many hours helping your son learn to pitch a fastball in the backyard. You learned the basics of plumbing under that kitchen sink and you figured out the tricks to interior design in the living room. The meals cooked, the time spent, the memories; oh the memories!

All Grown Up

Now, your kids are all grown up and have spread out across the country. Your grandkids get to visit on occasion, but even now it is more difficult because they are hosting their own dance parties and learning the curve in their backyards. Travelling to see Grammie and Pop-Pop is no longer part of their busy plans. This old house is suddenly a bit much for you and your spouse to handle and truthfully, you’re ready to move to someplace warmer, someplace smaller, and someplace where you can live out the rest of your golden years.

If you just aren’t sure where you want to go, some of the retirement places in the U.S. currently include:

  • Abilene, TX – low cost of living, low violent crime rate, high rate of doctors per capita
  • Cape Coral, FL – good weather and air quality, good economy, low cost of living
  • Lexington, KY – good tax environment, low cost of living, high in volunteerism
  • Lincoln, NB – high rate of doctors per capita, low cost of living, above average air quality
  • Huntsville, AL – mild winters, solid economy, good tax climate, lower cost of living

But don’t take our word for it, do a little research and figure out what place speaks to your hobbies, climate, and cost of living. It’s a big world and it’s yours to explore.

The Move

Once you have decided where you want to live, you’ll need to figure out the long distance moving costs. At Charles Moving and Storage, we understand that you might be on a retirement budget. That’s why we offer a senior citizen discount package. We want to help you eliminate your moving stress and make your long distance moving costs easier to handle.

This is your time; enjoy it to the fullest!

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