Getting The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

Getting The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

In July 15, 2016

Storage units have been used for a large variety of reasons from getting rid of the clutter for an open house to helping you downsize. No matter what your need may be, a storage unit can be a very helpful part of the moving process and allow you to keep important items in a safe space.

Once you have decided on using a storage unit for your items, it is important to plan how to store them properly and efficiently. Here are just a few tips to improve your storage experience:

  1. Create aisle with the labels of the boxes facing outward. This will make is much easier to access your belongings for when you need something instead of forcing you to dig through box after box.
  2. Make sure not to stack the boxes too high or your things may end up toppling over. This can be especially dangerous if the heavier items are not placed on the bottom. Instead, you should think carefully about the weight of your items and stack them properly.
  3. Get a quality lock for your storage unit. With so many of your valuables all in one area, it is best to invest in a quality lock that will not break or be broken into easily. One with a key is highly recommended.
  4. Don’t forget to read the agreement thoroughly. You should pay special attention to any rules surrounding termination and late payments to ensure you only pay for what you use. You may also want to inquire about any access charges.

Whether you are looking for some temporary storage to rent or are hoping for a long-term storage solution, we at Charles Moving & Storage have exactly what you have been searching for. Contact us today to learn more about our storage services.

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