The Best Choice For Moving Long Distance

The Best Choice For Moving Long Distance

In May 20, 2016

Moving long distance can be overwhelming.  Not only are you leaving behind a life you built for several years, you’re moving to a place you know little about.  Packing up your life becomes a job of its own; if you leave something behind, you can’t just drive across town and retrieve it.  Going a long way means going over every detail with a fine-toothed comb to ensure a smooth move.  There are many different choices you can make when it comes to moving long distance, so how to you know which choice is best?

Haul It Yourself

You can rent a big truck from a local facility and drive it to your home.  You’ll pay for the truck per-day, per-mile, and you’ll be responsible for your own gas.  You’ll spend the weekend packing it full of your stuff, and then drive it to your new place.  You might need to figure out how to tow your vehicle on the back of this truck so driving along the highways in a big truck, towing a car, can be unnerving.  Once you get to your new home, you’ll unload the truck and drive it back to a local facility. After all that, you’ll want to sleep for a week.

Moveable Units

You could rent some individual storage units that get dropped off at your home for you to fill up with your possessions. Then, the company will pick up the units and transport them to your new destination within a week.  At least you won’t have to drive the truck! But, you’ll have to plan accordingly so that you arrive before the units do, but not too soon or else you’ll be without your belongings.

A Moving Company

Of course, you can hire a moving company who will come to your house and load your belongings, drive the truck, and deliver your goods to your new home.  But then you worry about the movers themselves; how long have they been with the company and are they trustworthy?  Do they have experience with moving long distance?

Do It Right

First of all, forget the do-it-yourself stuff.  Save that for redecorating your new place, not for your move to get there.  You want professional movers who can help you pack, load up your things, drive them across the country, and unload them at your new home.  Doesn’t that sound less stressful than navigating I-95 on your own in a big rig?  You want to save energy for setting up your home, not unloading the truck.

The professional movers at Charles Moving and Storage have over five years of experience and are trained in moving long distance.  They are bonded and insured to meet your security needs.  Plus, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. What more do you need to feel good about your move? Ditch the DIY and go with the pros.

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