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Long Distance Moving Companies, Union, New Jersey

There comes a time in almost every person’s life, no matter where you grew up, where you find yourself having to move a long distance away from home. Whether it be for work, school, or personal reasons, a long distance move is a big change for anyone, and the people of Newark, New Jersey are no different.

As the largest city in New Jersey and over 300 thousand residents, Newark is the nation’s 67th most populated municipalities, and it is divided into five geographical wards. Each of these wards contains both urban districts and suburban enclaves, and though it is bustling, some residents still find themselves in need of long distance moving companies. There are several companies in Newark that can move your possessions for you, but of them all, there’s no better long distance moving company than Charles Moving and Storage Inc. I don’t expect you to simply take my word for it, though, so I’ve put together a few reasons to trust Charles Moving and Storage for all your long distance moving needs.


Charles Moving and Storage Inc. believes in providing excellent services to locals, and have been providing top-notch customer service at a fair price to the people of Newark for over a decade. When you move with them, you can rest assured you’re dealing with people who care about giving you the best moving experience possible. When it comes to long distance moving companies, not just anyone will do; quality service and experience is key. They understand that you’re taking a big chance in trusting them with your precious belongings, and they’ve worked hard to build a reputation that people can trust without a doubt. Each of the long distance moving company’s movers comes with at least five years of experience, knowledge, and training to handle your move the way you expect and deserve.

Licensed And Insured

In addition to having a highly experienced team of movers, Charles Moving and Storage also makes sure that all of their long distance movers are insured, licensed, and experienced to transport and handle your belongings with the utmost care, giving you peace of mind while you move. After all, the stress of a long distance move is quite enough without having to also worry about whether your valuables are going to make it through the move as well.

Full Service

Charles Moving and Storage not only wants to ensure the safe transport of your possessions, they take extra care to ensure they make it into the house safely as well. In addition to bringing your things to the new location, they will also expertly pack your belongings to ensure the safest transportation possible, and will also make sure everything is then moved into the house and positioned exactly where and how you want it within your brand new humble abode.

Up Front

When it comes to dealing with long distance moving companies, it is essential that you get as much information about the moving process as possible so you know what to expect. This not only includes the nature of the move itself, it also means time frames and the methods of transportation they employ. Do they consolidate your belongings with those of others and move them all together? Do they provide you with a time frame of when to expect delivery of your belongings? With Charles Moving and Storage, you can expect to be informed on these areas of the move, as well as:
• Whether or not your furniture will be wrapped;
• How many movers will be on the job;
• How long the job will take;
• Any specialty experience the team has, such as experience with high-rises and elevators;
• Measurements of doorways, stairways, etc. prior to hauling furniture into the new home;
• Overtime charges, if any exist.

In essence, they want you to be free of worry and confident when they are handling your precious cargo, and by being open and honest about every aspect of their part of the move, they are able to provide just that to you and your family.


Though they are proud to call Union, New Jersey their company home, this long distance moving company has a large fleet of moving trucks, as well as equipment, to ensure that they are able to provide excellent long distance moving services to the people in their care. Because of this, they are able to move you and your family to all 48 contiguous states – which means the states share a common border, meaning Alaska or Hawaii are not included – expertly, confidently, and efficiently, with service you know you can trust.

Welcome to Charles Moving and Storage

Let Charles Moving & Storage provides you with peace of mind during your move. Our honesty and commitment has made us one of the most referred movers in New Jersey.

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